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Everyone is different in their own way. Some people think they can bully people just because they are not like them. In my opinion that is disgraceful. Don’t just judge someone by their looks, as they say ‘don’t judge a book by the cover’.
Some extremely judgmental people think they have the audacity to bully people because they don’t fit in, because they are not one of them.
I have been through this my self, because I didn’t fit in, I didn’t pick on people like they did, and I didn’t bunk classes and get detentions.
They think they can make decisions for you and lead you to where they think is good, but you’re thinking, why?
If your not happy with their decision don’t just stand there, stand up for your self.
My story:
I had a very good friend, I thought she was the best friend I have…

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I think pretty much most of the world watched the world cup final of Argentina against Germany. Germany won the cup 1-0. 

I have to admit watching the Argentina players cry was quite upsetting. Especially schweinsteiger’s injury. Oh god a bloody eye is the least you would want to expect in a World Cup Final!   

What confuses me is how the last final was almost the same as this final. When Spain beat Netherlands 1-0 in 2010, they managed to score last minute in added extra time, exactly like this final. They had so many shots, although not all of them were on target. However in my opinion I think the referee they put on was not fit enough for a final. Many players fell to the floor and the ref ran straight past them! 

Germany’s Kramer had to come off shortly as Andre Schurrle stepped on his head. Taking lessons from Pepe Andre? Nah I was just joking Pepe’s my Madrid boy. 

A goal was scored by Argentina but it was off side. It was hilarious how he celebrated thinking he scored a goal until the flag went up. Well as the English commentators say, ‘don’s celebrate until the flag is seen.’ 

Mario Gotze who was put on as a substitute scored for Germany. Their lucky they made a smart move before it went to penalties. Penalties is most likely one of the most embarrassing situations to be in. It shows that no one has scored a goal in two hours including extra time, or ninety minutes.

My whole family were falling off their chairs throughout the whole match  the only think I could do was collapse into tears. The best times are always off camera, especially the funniest things. My mum was screaming, my uncle was laughing, my other uncle was also screaming, some of my cousins were crying, well isn’t that a way to watch TV in peace? 

I seriously cannot believe that the World Cup went by so fast, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I have! 

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Is Luis Suarez Always Hungry Or Just An Idiot?

I honestly have nothing against Luis Suarez so if you are a fan this is just my point of view.


Luis Suarez’s first ‘bite’ of a football player was when Liverpool were playing Ajax, he bit Otman Bakkal on the shoulder. No one ever knows why he has a thing with ‘biting’ people, but many say it is because he is constantly hungry. I personally find this excuse quite amusing how many people have different says on how he acts. I do not think his behavior is acceptable since many young children watch football.  He earned a suspense of seven league matches and a fine.

Luis Suarez has bite players more than once, in fact three times. Whilst Liverpool were playing Chelsea in a Premier League match, whilst some of the players were focusing on kicking the ball into the net Luis had other interests. As you can see he bit Ivanovic slightly below his shoulders more on his arms. Although I do not blame him since Ivanovic is really hot, but no Luis, he’s not the man for you. This time Suarez got a 10 match ban. Personally since it was his second time of bloody biting someone 10 is not enough.

And yes, A third time! This time he got a 17 international ban as he bit Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini, he did the same thing he did when he bit Ivanovic, the players were distracted so he took his chance and bit another player. I have a feeling this may not be the last time we see Luis Suarez acting a bit to friendly to his fellow field mates!

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I know I know!

I’m pretty late on this post but the truth is I just haven’t had the time.

So my favorite time of every four years has finally came! This year I really hoped that Spain would win however we were the first team to be kicked out of the cup :( Oh well there’s always 2018. Everywhere I would walk there is always England flags on windows, cars, houses, etc… This year the world cup is in Brazil.

Funny thing is England have also been kicked out of the world cup!

My auntie told me this story about here yelling at a window which had an England flag attached to it saying ‘England are out the cup!’ and they yelled back at her to shut up.

The world cup has so far been hectic and I mean crazy hectic! Imagine what the finals will be like if this is only the beginning.

Even though there practically the same thing.

It isn’t as interesting as it was back in 2010 (when my Spain won WHOOP WHOOP!)

The first time Spain lost (5-1 against Netherlands. They have Robin Van Persie ok!) everyone, my uncles, cousins, friends, even my auntie who didn’t even know what football was until I showed her phoned or messaged me laughing.

There have been many rumors about Spain’s manager Vincente Del Bosque being sacked as Spain has lost two of there matches. They are playing one more match against Australia. A lot of people are also blaming the failures of the goalkeeper (Iker Casillas my favorite player of all time!)


Four teams are set in groups, all four groups match each other and the two teams with the most points is in to the semi-finals and from there the competition continues till the finals. Every time a team wins they gain six points, if they lose they minus three points if they lose. If they draw they both get the same amount of points without going to penalty’s in the end.

Comment or message me who you support in the world cup hope your enjoying it like I am!

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Tips For Teens

Hello everyone! I am so so so sorry that I have not blogged for a while I broke my iPod touch which is what I always blog on since my computer is always freezing. I should be getting back in a few months so I will not be  posting as often as I used to :( Some of these tips I have already posted them but I decided to mention the most important ones again.

Since I am a teenager unfortunately I do get spots just like every other teenager and let me tell you it is such an awful period of time to go through. I’m always on the internet researching different ways of how to look after my skin and hair (which is why I have a blog to help others because the website I end up seeing mention expensive artificial ways unlike my tips) and not one of the hundred (most likely over) of the sites I have visited have actually told me information I essentially needed to know. It is not just beauty tips I research but things like how to revise, loose weight, information about how and when to do the beauty tips I have researched etc… So I decided that I should blog about it!



Usually whenever I try to find out how to get rid of spots I always read the sentence ‘make sure you tone’ but it never tells me when or why to tone. I think I have already mentioned this in one of my other blogs but just in case I will repeat it. You have to tone after you have washed your face because it removes the dead skin and dirt from your skin that the exfoliator / face wash has not.


Making a paste out of sugar and water is a great and healthy way to get clear skin. Rub the sugar paste on your face every morning and night and you will see results after a week or two. The paste can also be used on lips to remove the dead skin cells.


Everyone must have heard of this by now! Water can keep you hydrated for the whole day and make your brain work up to 10% better. Also if you are planning on loosing weight drink half a cup of water before and after you eat because the water makes you feel more full so you don’t over eat the amount of food you should be eating.



Not many people know why breakfast is essential especially for loosing weight. You must eat breakfast within an hour after you wake up because what breakfast does is make your digestive system working throughout the day and night. If you do not eat breakfast the food you later eat goes to the wrong parts of your body and cause a high amount of weight gain.


Haha yes I found a picture of Iker Casillas sleeping! I know being intimidated my electronics and staying up late is a habit almost everyone has but sleeping for over 8 hours is what makes you grow and function better. Aaaww isn’t he so cute!!!!!!!!!!!


Revising is something that might seem boring but it is so important I can’t really explain. Revising can be difficult sometimes especially since some people don’t know how to.


-  Read your old textbooks and test papers if you have any

-  Take breaks every ten to fifteen minutes so you don’t get bored but don’t distract yourself during the breaks

-  Remove all things that will distract you (especially any electronics!)

-  Tie your hair up loose so it does not pressurise your brain or get in your face to irritate you

-  Don’t be to full or too hungry

-  Revise in a quiet place like a library or friends/family’s house

-  Make it fun and colourful!

-  Go over and over everything again as much as you can

-  Do something nice for yourself once you have finished and you feel like you have done well


Making money under the age of 16 can be hard especially because you are not legal to get a job yet.


-   Ask for paper rounds they should pay £20-£40 a month

-  Car washes

-  Dog walking

-  Babysitting

-  Ask parent for pocket money

-  Sell whatever you don’t need to friends or family


Most teens do get overly oily hair but powdering your scalp with baby powder blends in the oil with the strands of hair. Brush the powder in so it is completely invisible. Do not do this is school uniform it can get messy!


My mum does not allow me to dye my hair brown so I mix cinnamon, honey and lemon and spray the solution in my hair twice a week. It is really sticky but what it does it make your hair lighter, because my hair is jet black I have to use it quite a lot to see results. You can also drink it for a detox but it tastes awful to me!


Do NOT wash your hair everyday. Washing your hair stripes away all the essential oils your hair needs to be healthy and grow. Also wash your hair with luke warm water so it does not damage your hair.

Good luck to anyone who tries this and I really hope this works for you.

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Think Your Life’s Hard?


Many people going through problems think there is nothing else to do with their lives. Well that is false. Going through hard times can be heart breaking, especially for children who grow up not knowing the actual stories of what has happened in their past. I have experienced bullying and I still do sometimes, what people said to me made me believe them and it made me feel like I was going to be miserable or depressed for the rest of my life. I don’t really care about what they say or do but sometimes it makes me think twice. When I do think of it my mind tells me not to. Have you ever heard of the saying ‘the minute you start thinking about what others say about you is the minute you stop being yourself’ 

The other day I was listening to a song called fill a heart by Tori Kelly. The song made me realise that everything I have went through was nothing compared to people in third world countries who suffer the unthinkable pain of hunger and poverty. I listened to the song over 30 times. A Lot I know! The message came across to me of how grateful I should be for everything I have. I do not have things that other teenagers would like a phone, Xbox or other technology things. I have a few but the most important thing I’m glad to have is a roof over my head, a table with food and a supportive family by my side. My family is very small since it’s just me, my mum and brother in the house but I would never ask for a better family.

England’s money issues seem to be getting worse every year but I know one day in a couple of years I will be the one coming home from work helping my family instead of my mum. Recently a week or two ago in geography we were learning about earthquakes in certain countries. I know if I was a child in one of those eruptions I wouldn’t survive two minutes let alone a whole week or more. Many people my age (13 1/2) don’t know how serious these disasters are and think that if they were in others positions they would be fine. No they wouldn’t. Countries like Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan etc… go through so much, anyone who isn’t in their position wouldn’t understand how much they go through every day and night. Waking up to go through school everyday is hard when people don’t except you but waking up or even falling asleep to a place where people are killing each other and protesting is much harder.

If the whole world had qualifications everything would be the same. These days you can’t live without money but no matter how unfair it sounds or is that’s just the way it will always be. There will never be that one day when the whole world will get together and help one another but there will always be that day when you can help along with others. Even if you help 1% every percent counts.

Tori Kelly- Fill A Heart

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You are not alone

20140313-092056 PM.jpg

I have always wanted to talk about this topic but I have never had the confidence to. I usually talk to a school guidance councilor about my family problems since sometimes they are to much for me. Talking to a friend has made me realize I am not the only one who struggles a lot.

After I turned 1 my parents divorced, because I was so young I did not know what was going on. My dad used to come and see me every weekend and take me to my nans (his mum) house. I used to love playing with the toys they had. When I turned 10 that was the last time I saw him till i was 12.

When I saw him my eyes filled with tears. He looked at me and was shocked of how tanned my skin had became. When I was a baby my skin was lighter than milk white.

Yes I was light!

Our conversation was quiet awkward since there was a few pauses. Before he left he said he’d take me out the next week. But he didn’t. I was upset but faked a smile and I cried to myself. Every time my dad broke his promise to me I just sat in the corner of my room and cried for hours. No one ever knew.

After a while I ignored him but my mum persuaded me to forgive him. I forgive him and he lied to me. My mum asked me if my dad had a baby girl or boy, I was confused until she told me my dad had had a child. I was so hurt I burst into tears under my blanket where no one could see me.

My cousin who is in my class told me it was a boy and showed me a picture. My baby brother is absolutely beautiful. He looks just like my auntie. I also have a 6 year old sister who I had only seen once or twice when I was younger.

I’m never aloud to go to my dads house because his wife does not like me. I’m not aloud to see my brother or sister because of their mum. What I don’t understand is why won’t my dad stick up for me? Why won’t he let his own daughter visit his own house because of his mean wife? Why can’t I see my own siblings?

The last time my dad had spoken to me was 2 months ago. Usually people who have divorced parents see their mum or dad every week. I only see my dad once or twice in a couple of months. My mum does not understand me, she always tells me he is busy but what she doesn’t understand is that it’s hard. It’s really hard to think that a person you love doesn’t love you as much as you love them.

Most of my life I have been lied to. People say I can trust them and when I do they break that trust. But I know I’m not alone. I know there are people who hate me so much they would kill me if they had a chance, but what I also know is that there are people who love me. My mum, brother, family, true friends, they all love me and I love them.

I remember when I used to feel like the whole world hated me. I soon realized it was all in my head. None of it was true it was just my conscience. I was never alone. No one is ever alone. Even if they know absolutely no one there is still someone out there waiting to love someone like them.

Just a reminder to anyone who is reading this, you are not alone and you never will be because you are absolutely beautiful in every single way. Be lucky to have what you have and appreciate it like you will never see it again. And if you feel like your alone read my blogs and I will always be there. Smile because your amazing xxx

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Hair care products under £5 from bodycare

20140310-085953 PM.jpg

20140310-090020 PM.jpg

Many people have asked about what I put in my hair so I decided to blog about it. My hair isn’t very long but slightly falls down under my chest. The other day I went to the mall with my mum. We stopped at bodycare and bought a lot more than we were meant to (this isn’t even the half of it)!

20140310-090957 PM.jpg

The shockwave hair spray isn’t as good as I thought it would be but I do recommend it. I think it is because my hair cannot hold curls with or without many hair products so the hairspray does not improve anything and does not work effectively. My hair is thick and dry (argan oil helps my hair massively) and is not used to keeping curls in one shape. When i wear my hair curly they would only last for an hour or two, I prefer to braid it over night so that my hair would be wavy and bouncy in the morning.

20140310-092629 PM.jpg

Many places you would buy Macadamia oil would put a high price on them but in bodycare the shampoo only costs £1! Macadamia oil is filled with rich nutrients and multi vitamins. I only ever wash my hair once or maybe twice a week (I use dry shampoo btw). I know it sounds gross but washing your hair everyday takes out all of the natural oils that help your hair grow disappear. Although if you have a lot of dandruff i suggest you should wash your hair eery two days. Also washing your hair everyday can make your hair greasier since your hair is used to having the oils washed away regularly. I would absolutely buy this again once it has finished not only because of how it helps my hair but because of the lovely smell 😍😍😍

20140310-091548 PM.jpg

This argan oil shampoo and conditioner has helped my hair get thicker than it was before. I used to straighten my hair everyday and it was badly damaged and I also had with split ends but now I tie it back all the time. Only on special occasions is when I put any heat on my hair, I would definitely recommend this for thin and damaged hair.

20140310-093755 PM.jpg

Deep shampoos can help dandruff vanish as well as moisturizing your scalp, especially deep shampoos with essential oil extracts. If your thinking why my mum and I bought so many shampoos… Well I don’t actually Really know. This type of shampoo would be brilliant on itchy or dry scalps.

20140310-094906 PM.jpg

Out of all the products I have bought my favorite would be the honey conditioner. It makes ALL of my split ends disappear and leaves my hair soft, silky and has the most sweetest scent. I would say absolutely buy this and you will not regret it!

20140310-095424 PM.jpg

I know this is DEFINITELY something you would not put in your hair (!) but carrying sprays around with you is something essential. Especially in school if your sweating or feel like you smell funny. Smelling funny is the last thing you would want!

I hope you will buy some of these products I have mentioned since they are fantastic :) Thank you for reading my blog and sorry I take FOREVER to write new posts every week.

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My first blog (re-write)

20140221-045929 PM.jpg

20140221-045939 PM.jpg

20140221-045948 PM.jpg

Sorry I haven’t been blogging a lot these days everyone!! I have been working on my book at the moment, most of you who read my blogs should know about. Once I have done my 100th page I will post one of my pages from my book up ;)

Also I got an email from Tom Palmer!!!

The other day I accidentally deleted my first blog and I was so upset. The first blog is usually the most important as it brings back memories from where you have started at. Since there is no way I will be able to bring my post back, I decided to re-do it a little.

My name is Mouhcina (moo-cena) Jazmin Begum. My dad named me Mouhcina because it means pure and innocent (which clearly is not me. At all!!), my uncle (dads brother) named me Jazmin after a flower.

I live with my mum 30 and brother 6 in England. Most people from other country’s like the weather from here for some reason. It rains. Practically everyday.

I am currently 13 but in 7 months (on 4th September same birthday as Beyonce and Ràul Albiol) I will be turning 14! I don’t see the big deal but I will still be turning 14 so I think I should take it as a big deal.

My mum wouldn’t let me take piano lessons since she is a single mother and needed the money, so I taught it to myself, and I have to say, I taught myself good!

Demi Lovato and her songs have inspired me to do so many things, like never to give up or to believe in myself. Also her song for the love of a daughter made me realize I was not the only one who went through hard times.

As a girl I don’t spend my time talking about hair and scream about breaking my nails. The only thing I ever talk is about football. Yes. Football. Real Madrid are the best team in the world. Not to many people but they are to me.

The person who has inspired me to write my blog is Zoella. Zoella is a YouTube blogger, I used to watch her blogs all the time to find out new things and beauty tips. But that was a long time ago when I was actually girly.

Growing up was difficult since there was a lot of problems in my family. Yes I cried myself to sleep every night and was always scared whenever I heard a loud noise, sometimes I still do, but I managed it. All on my own.

At first I felt like there was nothing to life other than problems, but I stayed strong. And I’m glad I did because I make a lot of people happy, and they make me happy too.

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50 facts about me

20140216-110237 PM.jpg

I think it was just last year a tag became popular on YouTube called ’50 facts about me’ I really enjoyed watching different people doing the tag so I thought I should do it, but on a blog instead of YouTube.

1) Mo became my nickname in high school since many people could not pronounce my full name

2) My full name is Mouhcina (moo-cena) Jazmin Begum

3) I have the same birthday as Beyonce and Ràul Albiol

4) I am currently 13 yrs old

5) Iker Casillas is my favorite football player

6) I have supported Real Madrid since the age 11

7) My favorite singer is Demi Lovato

8) Whenever I first hear a song I hate it, but after I’ve listened to it a few times, I listen to it so much I get sick of it after a while! Unless its Demi!!!!!!!!!!

9) When I was 6 I wanted to be a singer, then when I turned 12 I wanted to be an actress THEN when I turned 13 I wanted to be a journalist but now I think I want to be a dentist 😊😊😊

Actually EW noooooooo

10) I have 2 half brothers and 1 half sister but I have only met my sister once, I live with one of my brothers but I have never met my baby half brother

11) Me and Mayisha (if you read my old posts you’d know) always have competitions about who can get the most followers and she always wins!!! FOLLOW ME ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇

12) My toes are bigger than my big toe

13) I have a very small thumb

14) Although I know a lot about football I can’t play it

15) I wear glasses and I have braces so I look like a geek!!!! Not purposely obviously

16) My favorite colour is blue and white

17) My favorite food is Chinese noodles and spaghetti bolagnese

18) I write songs and books

19) I learnt how to play the piano on my own

20) I played violin for a year

21) I like to read a variety of books

22) When I was smaller my mum used to always cut my hair into Bob cuts but now my hair is just higher than my elbow

23) I was born and raised up in England

24) in my gcses I have to get English baccalaureate degree

25) My mum had me when she was 17

26) Out of all my friends I am the most responsible which is WAY different than at home ;)

27) My favorite country is Spain

28) I am a very good cook!

29) I don’t have any full siblings

30) My mum doesn’t let me wear lipstick because she thinks I look older than my age

31) I’ve been blogging for 4 months

32) Pink Roses are my favorite flowers

33) My favorite tv show is Violetta

34) Harry Potter is my favorite movie

35) I have always wanted to marry a football player

36) I eat on both sides of my checks so I never eat in front of my mum or she laughs at me EXTREMELY

37) I cry a lot Whenever I watch movies or even tv shows I was even crying in the last episode of Wizards of Waverly place

38) I auditioned for house of Anubis online but sadly I didn’t get it :(

39) I LOVE it when people play with hair

40) Whenever I write my books I eat my little cousin to play with my hair and she hates it !

41) My favorite hair oil is Argan Oil

42) My favorite desert is cheesecake

43) I love loud people but not to loud or I get really annoyed

44) I wear my pajamas all day long since I HATE casual wear

45) I love it every time I get a new follower or email I get happy for no reason!

46) whenever people ask me to do their hair APPARENTLY I hurt them (I don’t know what their talking about)

47) My favorite animals are kittens an rabbits

48) Growing up the only person who was there for me was Demi lovatos songs, every time I had a bad day or was upset I listened to her songs

49) I cry ALOT

50) I am not very active …. Like at all

Haha well that’s 50 facts about me and let me just say, that was HAARD!!!!

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